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A trademark is an asset. If you protect your trademark it becomes a valuable asset. If you do not, then it may become someone else's valuable asset. You may find that your business is not as valuable as it could have been had you protected your trademark.

Lawyers at Large and Lead Trademark Counsel Amanda Nye have extensive experience in domestic and international trademark matters including:

Our Network

Benefit directly from Lawyers at Large’s extensive network of trademark associates located throughout the world. We have developed personal relationships with our associates as a result of our many years of practice and are comfortable “picking up the phone” when necessary to handle your matter efficiently and expeditiously.

These personal relationships enable us to handle trademark, branding and domain name issues wherever they might arise and at a moment’s notice. It also allows us to provide you with seamless worldwide implementation of trademark strategies and advice.

Our Clients

Lawyers at Large works for a diverse group of clients. We have counseled clients in many industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, footwear and clothing, entertainment, banking and finance, and consumer products.

Our clients include individuals and start-up companies new to trademark issues, as well as small, medium-sized and Fortune 500 companies with established portfolios and often a bevy of global trademarks looking to expand or reevaluate.

In addition, our clients include corporate in-house departments that out-source work to us on an as needed basis, as well as law firms that outsource work where they do not have the specialization at hand or where they have project work that requires additional manpower.

We work with foreign counsel to assist them and their clients with their U.S. trademark, branding and domain name issues.

Our clients are located throughout the U.S. and the world. As a result we work with many of our clients remotely. Our clients are comfortable with us because we make it a priority to be available and personable regardless of where the client is located, so that the work is completed with ease and efficiency.

So if you are in another town or another state, or even another country, we will make you feel as though we are right next door.

And if you want us to stop by, we can do that too!

Contact Amanda Laura Nye at for more details.

What's New

As a member of the Executive Committee of the IP Section of the California Bar, Ms. Nye has helped to plan the semi-annual California Bar seminar The PTO Comes to California to be held in Los Angeles and in San Francisco in Fall 2010. She will participate on an interactive panel discussion answering questions from the attendees relating to trademark practice.

As an Editor for The Trademark Reporter, Ms. Nye will attend the International Trademark Association meeting to be held in Boston, MA from May 22 - 26, 2010.