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Lawyers at Large – In-House Legal Department Clients

Lawyers at Large works with in-house legal departments to assist them in their trademark and branding matters. We do what they don't have the time to do or the manpower to do.

Our relationships with in-house legal departments are often born out of the time-sensitive projects that require a quick turn around of a large amount of high quality work. Once a relationship is established, we can become an expert extension of the legal department, working on an as needed basis.

We work with in-house legal departments in a wide range of issues, including clearance and opinion work, as well as project work such as filing and assignment programs, domestic and international.

We have found that each legal in-house department has its own process and procedure for handling trademark and branding work. We respect these processes, and look for the opportunity to follow the directions and needs of in-house counsel, so that it is cost and time effective for in-house counsel to outsource their work to us.

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