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Amanda Laura Nye

Amanda Laura Nye has been practicing domestic and international trademark law since 1983.

She has an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally in the fields of trademark counseling and branding. She is recognized not only for her expertise but also for her personal, hands-on approach.

Amanda has extensive experience in trademark counseling and opinion work, including clearance, procurement and maintenance of foreign and domestic trademarks, as well as development and implementation of trademark strategies to adopt, manage and maintain a brand.

Amanda’s national and international expertise includes managing and supervising search and filing programs, assignment programs and licensing programs. She also advises on internet and domain name issues.

She is experienced in trademark due diligence in business transaction settings such as acquisitions and divestitures, as well as in the business audit setting. She advises on trademark portfolio management in these settings as well.

Amanda has a thorough understanding of domestic and foreign trademark practices and procedures, and of the business strategies and analyses necessary to implement those practices and procedures.

She began her career as an Examining Attorney in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Following the USPTO, Amanda entered private practice where she spent over 20 years at one of the most prominent New York City IP boutique firms and then at the premier southeastern full-service international law firm in Atlanta.

Her vast experience brings with it a worldwide network of trademark associates with whom she has developed friendly professional working relationships. As a result, she can move quickly and steadily to implement your intellectual property needs.



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