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Lawyers at Large – Law Firm Clients

Lawyers at Large works with law firms to assist them in their trademark and branding matters. Our relationships with law firms are born out of several different situations, including:

Situation 1: A law firm uses Lawyers at Large to handle its client’s trademark matters simply because this is not the law firm’s expertise.

Situation 2: A law firm works with Lawyers at Large on a project basis, where for example, there is a large clearance or due diligence project for which the law firm needs additional manpower.

Regardless of the situation, we can implement whatever working relationship is required based on the situation.

Some law firms would rather we not be apparent to the client. In these relationships, we do the work, but send it to the law firm who passes it on to the client. Other times, our time is billed as an out-of-pocket cost and is apparent to the client. Still other times, the law firm asks that we work directly with the client.

The choice is yours. We make it work so the work gets done, the client is happy, you are comfortable, and your relationship with your client is not only preserved, but enhanced.

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