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Lawyers at Large – Foreign Counsel Clients

Lawyers at Large works with foreign counsel to assist their clients with their U.S. trademark, branding and domain name issues.

Lawyers at Large has a depth of experience in trademark prosecution work, as well as in counseling and clearance work, that dates back to 1983. We understand the needs of foreign counsel, from many perspectives.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Expertise

Amanda Nye, Practice Leader, worked as an Examining Attorney in the USPTO for three years before moving into private practice. She not only practices before the USPTO, but has passed separate state Bar exams in New York, California, Washington, D.C., Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Amanda has maintained her relationships with the USPTO, and as a result she is current in her practice and is on the cutting edge of USPTO changes, practices and procedures. Foreign counsel and their clients benefit from her experience and networks with work that is completed effectively and efficiently.

Flexible Payment Arrangements

Lawyers at Large have found that it is especially helpful to foreign counsel clients to be able to work under fixed-fee arrangements.

In our experience, foreign counsel clients require that the fee they quote their client for our work is the amount they will be invoiced. To facilitate this arrangement, Lawyers at Large has fixed fees for many of our standard trademark matters.

Where a fixed fee does not suit the nature of the work, we work with foreign counsel to provide them with a predictable cost structure and we stick to that structure. This allows our foreign counsel to maintain a stable relationship with their clients, allows their clients to create and stay within a budget, and creates an easy working relationship.

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