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General Counsel Placement Services

Daniel Jackson matches general counsel with small and medium sized businesses that have a need for a general counsel, but not on a full-time basis. The need for a part-time general counsel arises for a number of reasons, but typically is due to an insufficient volume of work to justify the expense of a full-time attorney. Thus, a typical placement is for companies who are looking for a general counsel anywhere from a few days a week to on a monthly basis. Lawyers at Large also places lawyers on a project basis, more as a counselor for that matter.

Dan has extensive experience in complex business and commercial transactions that provide a solid background for general counsel placement, including:

He also has extensive business experience as a CEO, CFO and COO. As a result of his substantive background and his business acumen, he is well qualified and has an ease in counseling on and assisting with the placement of general counsel for various corporate needs and settings.

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