Lawyers at Large - Trademark Law and General Counsel Placement - Let Us Be Part of Your Team

General Counsel Placement Process

Lawyers at Large professional services is not a traditional law firm. Traditional law firms are not set up to handle the average 10-20 hours of legal issues that compile weekly for small and medium-sized businesses. The LAL attorney becomes a member of your management team as part of a mutual part-time arrangement.

The physical presence in our client’s office each week benefits our clients in many ways. The LAL attorney better understands the client’s culture and business goals. The LAL attorney becomes part of the management team – not just working remotely, receiving phone calls only from the executive suite and only when legal issues arise. The LAL attorney is better able to head off issues before they become significant because she is involved at earlier stages of development. The LAL client benefits from sound legal advice as part of the business strategy and planning process, a success tool once considered to be only the providence of larger companies.

As part of the LAL client’s business structure, the LAL attorney is a key component of corporate strategy. Like a traditional general counsel for a large company, the LAL attorney’s experience along with her in-depth knowledge of the client's business, allows the LAL attorney to serve as a key advisor and sounding board for strategic matters. The LAL attorney is available to attend and participate in meetings of the executive management team and the Board of Directors so that she can provide advice on issues as they arise.

The LAL business ethic is to prevent legal difficulties, rather than resolve them after they arise, and LAL is committed to serving businesses that recognize this value. For small and medium-sized business owners, this ethic serves another purpose. It frees up management to focus on the core business of the company, a particularly difficult task for smaller businesses whose management is often forced to “wear many different hats.”

For larger corporations that already have in-house attorneys, LAL provides a flexible, ready and cost effective solution to dealing with those nagging, smaller problems that never seem to come to the top of an expanding workload, as well as handling highly specialized temporary projects which require specific legal expertise. The LAL attorney relationship is ideal for larger businesses that don’t want to deal with the issue of another full-time employee and yet has the need for a part-time attorney who has the experience of working in the corporate environment and understands how to be effective within the existing legal structure.

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