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Placing General Counsel – Our Culture

Lawyers at Large attorneys are the new breed of workforce: professionals who are balancing lifestyle and demanding work opportunities. They thrive on the challenge of helping small and medium-sized businesses tackle their day-to-day legal needs. LAL attorneys work easily in various corporate cultures and are committed to quality and efficiency. All of this creates an environment of exceptional performance which directly benefits our clients.

We also take advantage of the changing workforce dynamics. We staff exceptionally qualified, highly motivated attorneys based solely on our clients' needs at rates that are affordable.

How do we do this?

Our network of lawyers is comprised of people most of whom do not work full time in the marketplace. We work with stay-at-home parents with school age children, men and women over 55 years of age, lawyers in transition and others who have decided to balance the demands of a highly skilled position with other lifestyle needs. This group is exceptionally qualified, highly motivated, yet grossly underutilized.

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