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Work with Lawyers at Large to strengthen your business through trademark, branding and commercial transaction advice. We advise clients throughout the U.S. and internationally. Our clients hire us because of our experience, professionalism, knowledge, network and credentials.

Who we are

Lawyers at Large is a professional services firm dedicated to providing effective and affordable legal services. We were founded out of a desire to work closely with our clients, to provide quality work in the time it takes to do it, at a cost that is reasonable and fair. Our goal is to create and maintain a personal working relationship with our clients and to provide each client with efficient and knowledgeable legal services tailored to meet each client’s needs.

Trademarks & Brand Counseling

Lawyers at Large advises on trademarks, branding, domain names and internet presence.

Lawyers at Large helps you register your trademarks and enhance your brand and trademark portfolio in the United States and abroad.

Lawyers at Large offers these trademark services directly to clients, on a project basis or contract basis to law firms that pass our services onto their clients , and to in-house legal departments that outsource their work to us on an as needed basis.

Lawyers at Large also works with foreign counsel who have clients with trademark, branding and domain name needs in the U.S.

General Counsel Placement Services

Lawyers at Large provides small and medium-sized businesses with part-time or temporary general counsel. We specialize in assisting you address the day-to-day legal issues regularly facing your business, and work with you to provide a general counsel who meets your needs.

Contact Us

Let us be part of your team.

Amanda can be reached at or at 770.317.5881.
Dan can be reached at or at 415.595.9952.